St. Paul Healthy Transportation for All

Empowering community leaders to create a healthy and equitable transportation system in St. Paul

Pedestrian Safety Events

We hosted a series of pedestrian safety themed events on May 3rd.

At 1:00 p.m. volunteers and St. Paul Police continued their Stop For Me Campaign at Kellogg Blvd near the Minnesota History Center where a pedestrian was killed in a crash earlier this year. The education and enforcement campaign is designed to improve safety for people who use St. Paul’s sidewalks and cross our streets and is a partnership between the Saint Paul Police, District Councils, and Saint Paul Smart Trips.

Screen shot 2016-04-05 at 12.12.32 PM.png

Charles Marohn of Strong Towns hosted a #CurbsideChat in with the goal of enhancing and encouraging conversation on financial resilience as well as pedestrian infrastructure and road safety. The event was from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. at the Minnesota History Center in the 3M Auditorium.

The day concluded at the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation at 6:00 p.m. where participants heard from a local pedestrian safety panel and Charles Marohn.



Creative Community Engagement Strategies

On Wednesday, February 3rd we held a session focussed on ‘Creative Community Engagement Strategies’ at Summit Brewing.

Participants were able to hear from a panel of community engagement experts as well as interact with Ready-Go art projects such as the Free Speech Machine from Springboard for the Arts and engagement techniques from the Friendly Streets Initiative.

Community Enagagement Panel:
Sean Kershaw, The Citizens League
Max Musicant, The Musicant Group
Joo Hee Pomplin, Asian Economic Development Association (AEDA)
Tane Danger, Theater for Public Policy
Peter Haakon Thompson, Springboard for the Arts


Constructive Engagement to Implement Saint Paul’s Bicycle Plan

On Wednesday, November 18th we hosted a second part of a session on implementing the bicycle plan.

Over 50 participants learned about short term plans for their Ward,
worked together to address local issues, and
came away with constructive engagement tools.

Thanks to St. Pascals Church for hosting and for our speakers:
Kathy Lantry, Public Works
Kim Club, Friendly Streets Initiative
Veronica Burt, Eastside Equity

District Council Involvement in the Implementation of Saint Paul’s Bicycle Plan

IMG_20150924_182749 (1) (1)

On September 24th, Saint Paul Healthy Transportation for All hosted a session on “District Council Involvement in the Implementation of Saint Paul’s Bicycle Plan.” Urban geographer, Bill Lindeke, as well as Reuben Collins and Kathy Lantry from Saint Paul Public Works presented to an audience of community members at the MidPointe Event Center.

Thanks to all who came to our September 24th session on District Council Involvement on the Implementation of Saint Paul’s Bicycle Plan.

Stay tuned for upcoming sessions.

If you have suggestions on transportation topics that you would like discussed, please email us at

Forming and Sustaining an Engaged Transportation Committee

Please join us
for a conversation on:

Forming and Sustaining an Engaged Transportation Committee

May 18th, 2015
Summit Brewing Company
910 Montreal Cir, St Paul, MN 55102

Short presentations by district council representatives
on transportation committees:
+ tales of transportation projects and lessons learned
+ nuts and bolts of forming a transportation committee
+ creative initiatives that emerged from a transportation committee

followed by

Food, Beer, Q/A, and Conversation!
Free hors d’oeuvres
by Rusty Taco &
$2 pints of beer!

Please register by May 13th
for questions: or call 651-645-6887

Gateway Corridor Health Impact Assessment

gateway corridor

As part of the Gateway Corridor planning effort, a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is being completed to evaluate the potential health effects of the project before it is implemented. The HIA is supported by a $100,000 grant from the Health Impact Project, a collaboration of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The Pew Charitable Trusts, with funding from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation.

The Gateway Corridor HIA will focus on land use decisions around each of the proposed Gateway stations from a public health perspective. The HIA will use input from this worksheet and the public process to select several land use and public health goals that are important to the corridor. To learn more about HIAs, please visit

Health Impact Assessment Fact Sheet
A fact sheet about the project has been prepared if you would like additional information for your agency/community. It can be found here.

Health Impact Assessment Engagement
As part of the engagement for the HIA we are collecting information from the community about what is important to them about health and their neighborhoods. We request that each of you fill out the worksheet via the link below. We would also like you to distribute this to your networks. The more information we have about what is important to you and your community, the better the results of the HIA will be.

Convening Closing Joke Punchlines

Here are the potential punchlines to the joke posed at the convening… Have a preference? Have another suggestion?  Let us know in the comments!


1)      Because the other side took the cannoli.

2)      To turn it in to a street.

3)      It saw a pretty butterfly in wildflowers along a bike path next to the road.

4)      Because the last one home was a rotten egg.

5)      Because the road was headed down the wrong path.

6)      Because the road didn’t go where it promised.

7)      Because the road took a turn to the other side.

8)      To avoid being thrown under the bus.