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METRO Green Line opens on time and on budget

Metropolitan Council released an article on June 14, 2014 highlighting the success of the METRO Green Line light rail project. Notable points:

  • This was the largest completed public works project in Minnesota history ($957 million)
  • Construction of the light rail line created 5,500 jobs
  • Operation of the light rail line created 200 permanent jobs

An important quote from the article comes from visual artist Seitu Jones, who says:

“Interstate 94 devastated St. Paul’s African American community. Many of my elders vowed not to let that happen again without some resistance and questions. Without that resistance, there would not be three additional stations along the Green Line. As a resident of the Central Corridor, I can say that my neighbors and I are working toward creating communities built on opportunity and equity. We will be watching and ready to raise more questions and will continue to advocate for a fair and just city.”


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